Thank you for attending FELASA 2022!

June 13-16, 2022 | Marseille, France

My 3Rs in 180s

FELASA organized a contest of oral presentations where innovation, eloquence and the ability to present advances in the field replacement, reduction, and refinement have been evaluated and rewarded.

On the model of the “My phD in 180s” competitors were invited to present their scientific, educational or technical work in 3 minutes, in an attractive way to show their ability either to innovate in the 3R’s, or to highlight the benefits of their project the implementation of the Replacement, Reduction or Refinement principles in their projects.

An independent jury awarded the three best talks with prizes of 1000€, 750€, 500 €.

  1. 3D Printed Rodent Skin-Skull-Brain Model: A Novel Animal-Free Approach for Neurosurgical Training
    Marie Bainier
  2. Development of an Anatomical and Physiological Non-Human Primate Respiratory Model to Study Aerosol Deposition
    Justina Creppy
  3. 3D-Printed Rodent Models – a Practical Implementation of the 3Rs in Lab Animal Training
    Felix Gantenbein

Sponsored by Sanofi

Special Instructions for “My 3Rs in 180 seconds” Contestants

Presentation & Scoring System

The Jury president will be the chair of the session. The co-chair will act as time keeper with a digital chronometer.

Scoring system
Each jury member (9) will score each presentation on the following defined criteria, whereas 20 points is the maximum to be reached:

  • scientific/technical innovation: max. 6 points
  • contribution of 3Rs: max. 6 points
  • clarity and eloquence: max. 4 points
  • overall performance: max. 4 points

Jury members will not score if any perceived or real conflict of interest exists.
The public will vote for their favorite presentation at the end of the session and the results represent a 10th scoring result to be added.

Speaking time

  • Each speaker has 180 +/-10 seconds for his/her presentation.
  • In case the speaker is out of the time range, penalty points will be deducted from the score:
    • 1 point if 160-170 seconds or 190-200 seconds
    • 3 points if less than 160 seconds or more than 200 seconds
    • elimination if out of these ranges

Practice your presentation!
Speakers must get ready to take their turn beside the stage to follow the previous speaker and to ensure a smooth and timely session run-down.

Technical aspects

  • The presenter will be on stage with a microphone
    (either fixed microphone on lectern or wireless hand-microphone)
  • Minimal requirement for 1 slide showing presentation title, name of the presenter and affiliation
  • Any presentation mode is accepted; special requirements outside the general setup (see speaker guidelines above) need to be coordinated with and confirmed by the congress secretariat to ensure proper technical management until Friday, May 13, 2022.


The three best presentations will be awarded during the Closing and Award Ceremony on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 12 :45-13 :45.
Please note that winners need to be present in person during this session.

The president of the Jury, together with a sponsor representative, will hand over the respective prizes: 1 000 € for 1st Prize, 750 € for the 2nd Prize, 500 € for the 3rd Prize

In case the scoring results show presentations placed on equal position: the prizes are combined and shared between the two winners.

The instructions can be downloaded as PDF by using the button below:


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