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June 13 – 16, 2022 | Marseille, France

Guidelines for Presenters in e-Poster Sessions

The following guidelines will ensure a smooth run-down of all ePoster sessions. Please read these carefully.

The most up-to-date scientific programme is available through the online programme and will be constantly synchronised with the congress app!

Guidelines for Presenters in e-Poster Sessions


e-Poster submission/upload

Upload your ePoster
All ePoster presenters have been contacted by the ePoster Support Team from our partner POSTERWALK by ESTENSIS with all necessary details for your ePoster upload. Note that you do not need to upload anything else for your ePoster presentation onsite at the Speakers’ Preview Centre.

In case you did not yet receive this email, please check your spam folder(s) and contact the congress secretariat in case you need further help.


Timing of sessions

Speaking times poster sessions
3 minutes incl. discussion per poster
Please refer to the online programme to check your exact speaking slot and ePoster station number.
For further information please also refer to the “information for ePoster presenters” e-mail you received at the end of March.


Presentation instructions

  • Arrive at the ePoster area and locate the correct ePoster station for your ePoster session a few minutes before the planned start of the session. Introduce yourself to the chairperson and make the chairperson familiar with the pronunciation of your name and institution.
  • Become familiar with the presentation system, microphone and mobile device, which you can use to zoom in and out of specific areas of your ePoster during your presentation.
  • In order to keep the ePoster sessions within the accounted time frame it is very important to keep the presentations within the allotted time.
  • When the previous presentation is over, and before the chairperson calls you, approach the ePoster station to be ready for your turn.
  • Speak directly into the microphone in a normal voice and do not touch the microphone.

We invite you to download the above guidelines as PDF by using the button below: